Rail & Road AG Kanalservice
Head Office
Leberngasse 7
CH-4603 Olten SO

T +41 61 717 17 95

Wölferstrasse 15
CH-4414 Füllinsdorf





Market and innovation

We generate new customer needs through a lot of innovation activity in the market. This means that all our services are aligned with future and current market requirements.

Employee-friendliness and occupational safety

There is a platform where every employee feels at home and can deliver the best possible service. We undertake to meet high occupational safety standards throughout the company, as we understand the significant contribution that good occupational safety conditions make towards the overall success of our business.


We handle the resources available in a very economical manner.


The integral quality of our work is the key to our lasting success.

Environmentally conscious

Environmentally conscious behaviour is observed in all areas, functions and levels of our company. We ensure that we not only comply with all statutory requirements, but also continually improve our environmental performance. Our environmental commitment helps to reduce costs through more efficient use of resources.

Information policy

An open and transparent information policy forms part of our success.

Safety conscious

Health and safety are a central issue for us and have the highest priority. Technical measures can reduce the risk of dangers that cannot be overcome. Organisational measures make our employees aware of health and accident risks and enable them to handle them. Personal measures increase the protection of each individual. Employees are involved in the search for solutions.

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